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Rediscover the Revolution in South Carolina

Commemorate the 250th anniversary of our nation’s fight for freedom in the state where the Revolution was won. As the site of some of the Patriots’ most pivotal victories, South Carolina has a rich Revolutionary history full of significant people, major landmarks, exciting events and unforgettable stories you haven’t heard yet.

Quick Facts

South Carolina’s Sestercentennial celebrates the 250th anniversaries of the events of the American Revolution in our state.

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The Sestercentennial also recognizes the national and global events leading to America’s Revolutionary War victory and to the birth of our nation and state.

The Revolutionary Era spans from 1770 to 1783. British and Loyalists evacuated Charleston in December 1782 prior to the signing of the Treaty of Paris, formally ending the war in 1783 and recognizing the 13 rebellious American colonies’ independence.

South Carolina was the site of over 400 battles, skirmishes and events during the Revolutionary era, the second most in the United States.

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These engagements took place across every corner of the state and in each of South Carolina’s 46 modern counties.

South Carolina’s indigo blue state flag originated in the Revolutionary Era.

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The flag design is modeled after the crescent flag of General William Moultrie, who led the Patriots to victory at the Battle of Fort Sullivan on June 28, 1776.

A palmetto tree would later be added to the flag to symbolize the palmetto logs used to construct Fort Sullivan, later renamed Fort Moultrie.

South Carolina’s role in the Southern Campaigns of the Revolutionary War was essential in securing the victory in the Revolutionary War and the thirteen United States’ independence.

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The Southern Campaigns, which ran from 1775 to 1782, included pivotal American victories such as the Battles of Sullivan’s Island and Breach Inlet, Eutaw Springs, Kings Mountain and Cowpens.

African Americans and Native Americans in South Carolina fought on both sides of the Revolutionary War, as Patriots and as Loyalists.

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The Cherokees’ alignment with the British forever changed the boundaries of Native American-occupied land within the state.

The Catawba aligned with the Patriots and fought beside their neighbors in several pivotal battles. Numerous South Carolinians of African descent participated in the conflict in many roles, both active and passive, for and with the combatants of both sides.

About Us

The SC American Revolution Sestercentennial Commission

The Commission was chartered by the South Carolina General Assembly in 2018 to properly commemorate the 250th anniversary of the American Revolution in South Carolina. Through grants and the help of local County 250 Committees, we celebrate and promote our state’s pivotal role in the fight for independence by educating, engaging and inspiring both South Carolinians and visitors.

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Commemorate the 250th Anniversary of the American Revolution at events across South Carolina.

Discover your local history, relive momentous battles and find even more ways to participate at our events page.

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